Your Pharmacist

Something on my mind lately had been the idea of who people use for the healthcare. Most people think first of their doctor. Usually when something goes wrong with the body the doc is the first one to hear about it, barring loved ones of course. I’ve heard from some people over the years about how they weren’t that impressed with a certain doctor or nurse practitioner and the only thing I can tell them is, “FIND SOMEONE ELSE!”

Some people already have figured this out and they will search a doctor they like and works with them. Unfortunately for some insurance dictates which doctor and/or pharmacy one can use. For those of you…keep a stiff upper lip and start learning about health and diet through reading. It takes time and effort, a whole lot of effort, but it can be done.

If your doctor/pharmacist looks like this and gives you the time of day, more power to ya!


To the rest of you I would ask you consider the following; choose your pharmacist like you would choose your doctor. Go to a pharmacy where you can talk with your pharmacist like you would talk to your doctor. You might even get a few minutes more over your doctor. What a benefit to be able to talk with a healthcare professional without the hassle of an appointment. Some pharmacists will not oblige this very much. Some want to fill your script as fast as they can and say as little as possible because they have so much to do. Pharmacists like doctors have become very busy in the last 15 years. I know some people like to go to Walmart of other pharmacies where they have the $4 dollar generic list. I urge against this unless there is a pharmacist there that you can talk with and that is interested in you and not how fast they can get you outta there.

Where I work it can get crazy busy. So busy in fact that I seem to have time to do nothing because I’m being pulled in 3 or 4 ways at once. It’s not very fun at times. No matter what happens though, I think it important to give my patients the time of day. Some of them have been waiting for 30 min while we figure out where their script is, get insurance problems corrected and fill it to be able to dispense. I think it fair to give them some of my time if that is what they need.

One example of how spending a little time with a patient helped them enormously was with a diabetic patient who was having problems with her glucose meter. She had gone through almost 40 strips trying to get the thing to work properly, not to mention all the times she poked herself in the fingers to get all that blood. I couldn’t find anything wrong with the meter whatsoever. She said it just wouldn’t work. Everything looked good when I used. Not one problem but she insisted something was wrong. After spending  a good 5 min with her I finally asked how she was using it. After watching I noticed the problem; she was putting the blood on top of the strip where it couldn’t get into the sensors. After explaining it needed to go on the side, she thought herself a bit dumb for not knowing this. I reassured her it was fine and we refilled her strips because she was out.

The aforementioned was just one example of what I get to do everyday. Some patients don’t seem to give a rat’s behind about any of their meds. The doctor told them to take them and that’s the end of it. I find this unfortunate. Know what a medication is and why you’re taking it. If the doctor won’t tell you, then get a new one. If the pharmacist won’t talk with you about it, then get a new one. If two pharmacists are on duty and you want to talk with one specifically, then request it and don’t give up till you talk with him/her.

Remember, it’s your health that is being treated not your providers’. Got to someone that you feel is competent and helpful (they don’t go hand in hand). If your doc/pharmacist makes others or you look/feel like this:

then it’s time to fire his butt!


The Brute


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