FDA Says Down with HCG

Here is one of many links you can look at: http://www.fda.gov/downloads/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/UCM281457.pdf

Here is the last paragraph from the above site;

FDA advises consumers who have purchased homeopathic HCG for weight loss to stop using it, throw it out, and stop following the dieting instructions. Harmful effects should be reported online to FDA’s MedWatch (www.fda.gov/Safety/MedWatch) program or by phone at 800-FDA-1088 (800-332-1088) and to the consumer’s health care provider.

Finally some common sense. Granted it appears that the FDA is looking at it more from a legal standpoint than an actual efficacy standpoint, they are pointing out that the HCG part of the program does absolutely nothing to help reduce weight. As I mentioned in another recent post, anyone who eats only 500 Calories/day is going to lose weight. It’s just going to happen.

If you have been fed the HCG propaganda by your doctor or the internet please get a new doctor (unless he/she can admit he/she was wrong and know why and apologizes to you) and quit looking at every product with some hot picture of some hot fitness model. Those pics are doctored up and they are made that way to sell product. If you want some more evidence, watch the documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster by Chris Bell. In the following pic he shows just how deceptive altering a pic can be.

Getting shredded in 6 weeks is easier than you think...NOT!

Chris describes in his documentary that it is common for the photographers to photoshop the pics. In the pic above, Chris shows what they can do. Both pics are of him…on the same day. They waxed him, had him shave, gave him a fake tan, took in his gut and added some light 6 pack lines while telling him to act depressed for the first pic and happy for the second. Good work.

Drug companies do this all the time with their commercials. It’s really almost like the beer commercials with the hot babes in bikinis and parties. Only for drugs it’s living that perfect dream life where everything, but your cholesterol is wonderful and if you take that statin, you will be even more wonderful. Uh huh.

Don’t do drugs to lose weight, do exercise and change some dietary habits. Stay away from sugar. Eat fewer Calories than you utilize in a day. Above all else remember, if you see something like this

yeah she has a hot bod, but she didn't get it with what she's about to sell you

Walk away from the computer and go for a jog. It will do your wallet and you thighs some good.


The Brute

Disclaimer: All info on this website is for education purposes only. Any dietary or lifestyle changes that readers want to make should be done with the guidance of a competent medical practitioner. The author assumes no responsibility nor liability  for the use or dissemination of this information. Anyone who chooses to apply this information for their own personal use does so at their own risk.


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