Moderation, Moderation, Moderation

One thing that I try to live by and try to tell people all the time is moderation in all things. I love steak, but I don’t eat it every day, or even every week. I remember one time I had steak 5 nights in a row in some form or another. My body felt like it had a rusted nail sitting in it. That’s seriously the only way I can describe it. Steak overload isn’t good. I did it one other time a few years later and felt the same way. I learned my lesson.

I talk to a lot of people around the pharmacy (patients) that have diabetes. Many of them younger than myself which is always surprising and sad to me. I always wonder if it is sheer ignorance of lifestyle, lack o care or both that gets them into trouble. There is a nutritionist at the clinic where I work and after talking with her and just talking to the patients themselves, much of the diabetes problem becomes clear, at least where I live and practice.

Tortillas are a mainstay of the immigrant population where I live. One man I talked to stated he had 7-8 tortillas with some beans and rice, just for breakfast. Now I don’t know how big these were but a medium size tortilla has about 100 calories or so. Bigger ones can have well over 200, not to mention they usually are cooked with corn oil. Assuming he had medium tortillas, he ate about 800 calories just in tortilla, not including the beans and rice. That’s a lot of carbohydrate from all three foods for breakfast as well as a lot of calories from 1 meal. One doc I work with told me he had a patient who would eat 20 at a time. Assuming medium tortillas again, that is 2000 calories. Not to mention tortillas don’t exactly have a lot of nutrients in them.

I’m not trying to say don’t eat tortillas, I’m saying 1-2 might be a little better. Both patients above suffer from diabetes. Eating lots of tortillas and rice as a diabetic, or even as a non-diabetic is suicide by sugar to blood vessels. Maybe mixed with some veggies and some meat would be better than rice and beans.

Sitting in front of the TV is also a problem. I’m a bit of a hypocrite today as I have been in front of the TV a good bit today seeing as I’m sick right now (bad stomach problems). It’s not because I ate something like tortillas or wheat or something. I picked up some sort of bug from a potluck. I wasn’t the only one. I digress. TV can cause people to lose sleep, sex, and time doing other more productive things. I don’t think this is anything new, in fact I know it’s not, but people seem to watch endlessly anyway. I have no cable or satellite, but even my Netflix can cause me to watch a little too much if I’m not careful. And to think that I keep putting of getting the garden ready for the summer. I’m just too busy I suppose….too busy watching Netflix.

Internet seems to get in the way of getting important things done. YouTube has replaced cable. I can find anything I want to watch with limited interruptions. Those commercials are starting to get annoying, so back to Netflix.

Exercise is great, but if you’ve ever over exercised you are doing your body no good. Muscles need time to recover and heal. Rest is a good thing. So is replenishing your muscles with good food and not starving.

These are just some thoughts from your friendly pharmacist. I talk to people all day long who use so many drugs. Many of them have genuine problems that require professional help. Others have problems that are usually self-induced. I very much dislike talking to women who believe they will find weight loss in a pill. They will try it for 2-3 months and may even lose a few pounds, but once the medicine is gone,  lifestyle replaces what little was lost quickly. I always counsel that exercise and diet will be their key to losing unwanted weight, but most just stare at me and give the look of “I really don’t care, just gimme my pills”.

Remember the moderation will bring more happiness in a life than overindulgence. Work is just as important as rest, and a sweet treat now and again is just as important as regular good nutrition. A good movie or book is a welcome distraction, but so are weight lifting or running. Life should be enjoyed and cannot be if moderation is not kept in all things.


The Brute


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