Generic Plavix is now available

Well big pharma has been busy paying penalties earlier this year on patent infringement, but Plavix is now being made as a generic. That’s right, clopidogrel should be out soon at your local pharmacy if it isn’t there already. This comes 6 years after Bristol-Meyer-Squib tried to get Sanofi to delay making the generic version. The full article can be found at the following site:

I do realize that it is a big of old news, but even when drugs go generic, it can take some time for things to move down the pipeline. Atorvastatin (Lipitor) went generic back in November, but unless your insurance covers it, your pocket book is more likely to suffer from the generic than the brand. This I don’t think will be the case with clopidogrel. Let me explain.

Normally when a drug goes generic, only 1 companies gets about 6 months of rights to make the generic available to the public. After that other companies can start getting into the game as well. Because only 1 company has the rights, there are only two forms available; the 1 brand name and the 1 generic. Supply in this case is less than demand. Prices remain high. And those companies usually charge a higher price than the brand as well. This is most definitely the case with atorvastatin. People have been asking me for months now why it is so high when it’s generic. Now it has been 6 months and so I would expect that the price of generic atorvastatin will be going down as the year progresses, but it won’t happen fast. Lipitor was a best selling drug for many years and companies are going to want to maintain some profits. The price will drop though.

Clopidogrel has 8 different companies making generics. Because of some genuine competition that should drive the price down more quickly than the atorvastatin once it hits the market. This will be good news for people that have had stents or are using the drug for stroke prevention or peripheral vascular disease.

Be aware that side effects will be the same regardless of the brand. It can still cause unnecessary bleeding in some cases including hemorrhagic stroke and GI bleeds or ulcers. So if you are already taking Plavix or are planning to change to a generic, please be aware that there are still risks involved.

With all that said, remember that a healthy dose of exercise, rest, and good foods are the best prescription for many ailments.


The Brute

Disclaimer: All info on this website is for education purposes only. Any dietary or lifestyle changes that readers want to make should be done with the guidance of a competent medical practitioner. The author assumes no responsibility nor liability  for the use or dissemination of this information. Anyone who chooses to apply this information for their own personal use does so at their own risk.


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