Foods with Sugar

Here is a quick video discussing some foods with sugar in them and how much sugar is there. This isn’t anything novel but I thought it’d be fun to just show a few things and their sugar content. By the way, I know I say tomato soup in the video and a can of tomato paste shows up but both can have added sugar so just enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Foods with Sugar

  1. Great job! Hate artificial sweeteners too (I’m on a personal vendetta against Splenda) and during my nutritional classes it’s fun to demonstrate how much sugar goes into a soda. They wouldn’t think of placing 9 teaspoons of soda over their salad but that in essence in what they are doing. Your video was fun to watch, thanks!

    • Thanks. It is fun to think about how much sugar you’re adding to other foods like in your example. A favorite is BBQ sauce. 4 tsp of sugar in 1 serving of 2 tbsp.

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