Are Pre Workouts Necessary?

For the final post in this series I will be brief because there is no need to go into a long post about something that’s rather simple, at least in my brain.

Are Pre workouts necessary to have the most explosive and awesome workouts and to lose weight and look like a fitness model? Of course not. Does that mean you shouldn’t use them? Of course not.

Trust me when I tell you I’m not trying to be Smeagol/Gollum from Lord of the Rings but the two above statements aren’t conflicting. It’s analogous to asking “Do you need to run to be healthy?” Of course not. Does that mean you should never run? Of course not…unless you don’t want to. There’s plenty of other ways to stay healthy in terms of movement. Running is a tool, just like a pre workout. It’s useful when applied or used correctly. But just like a pre workout can mess you up big, so can running if done improperly.



The purpose of the post previously done was to talk about ingredients in pre workouts that are actually helpful rather than ones that probably don’t do much. I realize that I covered the helpful ones. There are lots of other ingredients like aspartic acid which probably don’t do a whole lot that I didn’t cover because writing about pre workout ingredients can get boring over time.

I do realize that I could have done a single post and covered most everything but I wanted to flesh out the evidence and give you readers something to actually consider.

Pre workouts are definitely a great tool to energize and power through a heavy sprint session or help increase gains in strength over time, but at the end of the day you are the person that still has to sprint or lift or yoga or whatever. No one else can do that. Others can encourage and motivate. Others can meet you at the gym and workout along side you. Others can help you navigate proper food choices, but ultimately it rests on you. You are the true vehicle for change. Pre workouts just help that along.

Do I use pre workouts? Yup. But I don’t use them everyday and I respect that they are a tool and nothing more. I made the decision to change my lifestyle. You have the same power. It’s really cool to think about. No one can take that power from you, no one!

If you really want to make some changes then go ahead and do it. Taking a pre workout in the morning isn’t going to change you. It might jump start you and make you feel like you could run 1000 miles, but you still get to decide to do so.


Instead of watching Dr. Oz talk about weight loss, go for a 30 min walk. While I think knowledge is absolutely important, so is keeping your body moving.

You might feel like Homer at first but you'll be glad you're not wasting time watching something lame on TV.

You might feel like Homer at first but you’ll be glad you’re not wasting time watching something lame on TV.

Rather than watching your favorite weekday tv show from the couch, do some 30 sec planks on the floor during commercial breaks. See if you can up it to 1 min over time. 3-4 commercial breaks/30 min equals a couple min of planking. Your core will be strong in no time.

Instead of boringly tossing your salad and putting your casserole into the oven, put on some music and dance in the kitchen. You’ll be burning some extra calories but more importantly you’ll be having some fun. We do this in my home often. It’s fun watching the kids look at their dad and wonder what the heck is going on, but they sometimes join in.

Dance like no one's watching, even if they are.

Dance like no one’s watching, even if they are.

Have fun finding ways to spruce up your life and you’ll be rewarded. Let me know how you all spruce up your lives.



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