About the Brute

35I’m Nathan Spinelli and I like health.

When I was a kid I wanted to help people be healthy. So much so that when I got a little older I decided to attend pharmacy school so I could be a pharmacist. I was excited about being able to be a part of a system that would help people get healthy…

When I was in my second year of pharmacy school we were doing cholesterol checks as part of our labs and mine came back at a total cholesterol of 280. Knowing what I’d been taught from school I had my labs rechecked and they came back at 255. Being a good and obedient 2nd year pharmacy student I began taking simvastatin and was determined not to get cardiovascular disease by following a healthy diet and lifestyle and by taking my medication, all at the age of 26.
During my 3rd year of school I began to question things more and more. Politics, how to truly be a good dad, and all the guidelines that all the “experts” were touting as the standard of care. It was a preceptor at a long term care pharmacy where I was interning that planted some seeds in my head and they began to sprout.

During my 4th year in a clinical rotation I witnessed my preceptor get into a heated discussion with a nutrionist at a long term care facility over the use of vitamin C. She was arguing the patients shouldn’t be on it and the nutritionist was fighting for it. My thought at the time was that it was some vitamin C, big deal. At the very worst the 500mg/day dose might give a little upset stomach if that. My questions began to grow in number and my curiosity about the established way of doing things couldn’t have been more piqued.

When I finally graduated and had some time to look at everything dealing with cholesterol I essentially jumped down the rabbit hole and don’t plan on coming back. I learned about how the body really works and how nutrition, stress, lifestyle and everything else plays an incredibly important role in our well being. I also began to realize just how powerful prescription medications are. Not only that but I learned about the crazy ways in which misinformation, intentional or unintentional, has been fed to us for many years.

After three years of doing an incredible amount of learning on my own I decided that I had to disseminate this information and help people. That is the one constant in all of my adventures in learning, to help people. I still work as a pharmacist but have been branching out more and more to help people know the information and make transformations in their lives. Seeing that change and empowerment has been the greatest success for me. I still think some medications are very beneficial and believe they have a place in care, but not like what so many would want you to think.

My goal is to improve the health of everyone by teaching them lifestyle and the great healing power the body has in itself to produce true health.


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