Health Coaching Services

Let me help you on your path to successfully live a healthier and happier life.


It’s not a cookie cutter fix all, it’s not about the latest fad diet, it is about YOU.  You are a unique individual who needs a real person to understand your life and guide you how to get to your best self.  Together, I can help you obtain optimal health by creating positive lifestyle habits with food, activity, and appropriate supplementation. I can help you use your own inner wisdom and transform your goals into action.


I work with people with all manner of health concerns. I particularly like working with those who want to control blood sugar and those who want to make healthy lifestyle a lifelong priority rather than a 3 month binge. So many people get into the habit of working hard for a 2-3 month period, sometimes longer and then stop because it’s not their lifestyle. They then get frustrated because any results they had disappear and they start all over again.  I want to help people develop a lifestyle that works with them, not against them and that can be sustained over a lifetime, not 2-3 months.

During the sessions we will discuss goals, cravings, health history, social support, spiritual support, and anything else that may be relevant to helping you heal. Given half a chance, the body can do some amazing things on its own.

 Initially I offer a free consultation so I can get to know you and we can discuss your concerns. If we are a fit then we’ll set up appointments after that.I like to work with people over a 6 month period. Most of these types of habits and lifestyles take some time and goal setting to make happen, not over 2 or 3 sessions. The sessions are biweekly in person (Central Washington state) or over phone/skype depending on location.Currently the cost per session is $50 over 12 sessions, or $600. That cost is locked in once we’ve started, but future changes may occur at any time. 

I look forward to working with you!


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